About Us

Tap and connect, this is so cool!

HeyCheese originates from the moment when people say ‘cheese’ to create a naturally beautiful smile for a shot-a great moment for us to connect with others as well as capture the beauty of life. It is our hope that at the end of each day, with a bite of sweet cheese, you can think about the new friends made with a big smile on your face.

Each day, people across the world are contacting old friends and getting to know new ones. How do you establish these connections? The answer is a complicated process such as exchanging paper business cards, or tapping the app followed by searching or scanning.

HeyCheese is dedicated to facilitating networking through efficient establishment and management of connections. We all know how annoying it can be to lose contact with a new friend or have a messy contact list.

HeyCheese has been inspired by phone stickers, grips, cases, keychains and other accessories carried by people to turn such products into a tool for networking by integrating with innovative technology, so that you no longer need to wake up the screen to add new contacts.

Be COOL! With our customized service covering logo, name and picture, it’s time for you to come forward and lead the future of networking!